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Mary Liz Ingram —  January 3, 2013 — Leave a comment

Since my previous post about SpectraFix Pastel Fixative, I’ve had some questions from readers and new developments on my own. I want to take a moment to add to the discussion, so we as artists can have the most information to create the best results possible!

1. A reader had trouble with SpectraFix dripping and running down her pastel painting.

To solve this problem, always spray a fine mist on your pastel painting while it is FLAT on the ground or table. If you lean it or hang it vertically, the spray will drip and run. As with any spray, SpectraFix will sometimes splatter a bit. If the spot does not disappear after the alcohol has evaporated, you can touch it up with a bit of pastel.

2. A student, and later myself, had the spray nozzle completely clog on the SpectraFix bottle.

It was a late night, I had just completed a table-full of art, time to spray and frame: pump, pump, pump…nothing. The spray nozzle of my SpectraFix was stubbornly clogged. I tried poking it with a pin, running it under water…nothing. Because I was tired and impatient, I thoroughly cleaned the spray nozzle from some hair spray, stuck it in the SpectraFix bottle, and used that. Once I calmed down and was less frustrated, I put the SpectraFix nozzle upside down in a cup of hot water for a few minutes. I tested it with the water and it worked again! So, lesson of the day: if your nozzle gets clogged, try soaking it upside down in hot water.

If you’ve used SpectraFix, what results have you had? We’d love for you to share your thoughts and any problem-solving you’ve discovered on your artistic journey.

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