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Ready to goWhen you constantly create art, you eventually run out of room.

Time for a Summer Art Sale!

The pieces below are marked down for the next 2 weeks only, July 31-August 14.

Pastels, ink doodles, framed, unframed…there are lots of options. Some of them are my favorites, and they would love to find a home on a wall near you!

Contact me today to purchase your favorite! 

Art is available for immediate pick up or shipping (shipping costs apply). Cash, check and credit card accepted.

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Chalk War

Mary Liz Ingram —  August 1, 2014 — Leave a comment

Summer is a haven of slow enjoyment. The air is hot and heavy here, and it pulls our busy lives to a slower pace, like a gentle tug of the shirt. Languid afternoons, the summer sun presses and the chirping bugs lull. Children find mischief and explore, and you begin to feel more like a child yourself as the summer nights lengthen and fireflies glow.

Moments become picturesque.

One Sunday afternoon my children were overjoyed to join the youth for a “chalk war” at church. My little son covered in a tie dye of colors, his small hands scooping up the colorful powder, the ground a wash of rainbows…

A moment to capture in art.

Chalk War, 9x12 pastel on homemade paper

Chalk War, 9×12 pastel on homemade paper


For a little background on the paper, earlier in the summer one of our not-so-fun activities was cleaning out the art room. My budding artists use A LOT of paper. In the spirit of creative responsibility, we decided to make new paper out of our old paper. We tore it, soaked it, smushed it, diluted it, screened it, squeezed it, dried it and voila! Paper.

Summer Rain

Mary Liz Ingram —  July 28, 2014 — Leave a comment
Rainy Day, ink doodle

Rainy Day, ink doodle

The sweet, hot smell of the first drops of a summer rain

Like an old friend we welcome it back and it steams off the baked asphalt

We inhale the familiar scent of renewed life

Saved from drought, the parched earth soaks up every drip

We rush outside in our bare feet, my little one giggles at the spray

The rain trickles down her nose, curls her wet hair and it plasters to her cheeks

Water beads on her little arms and drips off her chubby elbows

All smiles, dimples, rain and dirt, she plays with sticks

She stirs mud with her toes, the ground that was hard and dusty minutes before

A good summer rain that restores the dry soul

It lifts drooping leaves and greens the earth with life like resurrection

“Love in this world doesn’t come out of thin air. It is not something thought up. Like ourselves, it grows out of the ground. It has a body and a place.” -Wendell Berry

Blueberries, ink doodle

Blueberries, ink doodle

Listening to Old Crow Medicine Show, I’m standing in the kitchen in a summer dress and apron, hair pulled up and wrapped round with a yellow bandana scarf, barefoot in good Alabama style.

A colander full of fresh-picked blueberries from the farm, I begin to make a big double batch of blueberry muffins, ready to share with my neighbors and family…aiming for a little Southern hospitality.

I’m thinking of my “sense of place”…what that means to me, what is my place.

I may feel a pull to other places, such as the free hills of Britain, but here, standing in my kitchen in the middle of a hot, Southern summer, I am in the middle of my life.

I stir my muffin batter and dump in my blueberries, wondering what good I can do in this complicated, messy, humid, growing  city of Birmingham, Alabama.

Thanks to the fabulous suggestion of a dear friend, we loaded up our little family in our little car, picked up the always wonderful Dariana Dervis (check out her art work, by the way!), and drove out to her friend’s blueberry farm.

Hats on, buckets ready, bushes loaded with fat blueberries, we began picking away. Even our little 2-year-old cutie did a great job finding the blue ones…pretty sure she ate every other blueberry.

Blueberry Picking, ink doodle

Blueberry Picking, ink doodle

With full bags of little berries, we headed back home, sweaty, happy and full of blueberries.

Tire Swing, ink doodle

Tire Swing, ink doodle

Summer Blooms

Mary Liz Ingram —  June 17, 2013 — Leave a comment

Hydrangea, original photographyDown my sidewalk, between the rows of tall Monkey Grass, you meet my front steps. The beige paint is weather-worn, showing patches of brick red and copper underneath. We sit on these steps often; we welcome friends and family to our home; we watch the rain and wind during summer storms.

My baby learned to walk by going up and down the path, with the flowers on the big hydrangea bush as her goal. The hydrangea stands to the left of the porch, under the window, drooping under heavy clusters of rich blue flowers. A backdrop for the softest, greenest part of our yard, the hydrangea sees a lot of summer play. The kids play in the sprinkler before the blooms, making sure they get enough water in this Southern heat. The kids wrestle in the grass, picnic in the shade, and play with neighborhood cats. Our baby loves to smell the flowers and gather as many as she can hold in her tiny arms.

The flowers, so dense and colorful, overflow vases all around our home, and are always a sweet treat from my little boy to his mama. They bring life to indoor spaces, and beauty to our home.

Bouquet, 6x7 watercolor on board

Bouquet, 6×7 watercolor on board

Summertime and the livin’ is easy…


Summer break has come to Alabama. Routines change and slow, the weather heats up, and the leisurely way of Southern living sets in. Time to relax and stroll, swing and sip, sleep in a bit more, and play with the kids.

This weekend, I felt less like doing my “serious” art, and more like playing. First, the kids and I made duct tape shoes.

Later in the afternoon, while baby was napping, we went outside for some “free painting,” thanks to a huge roll of beige wallpaper I’d somehow acquired. I love to watch kids paint.

My daughter went for splatter painting and “graffiti,”

while my son painted a stormy ocean with a rainbow.

Days like this make the hard days worth it.


“One of these mornings you’re gonna rise up singing
And you’ll spread your wings and you’ll take to the sky
But till that morning, there ain’t nothin’ can harm you
With daddy and mammy standin’ by”

-Ella Fitzgerald, Summertime

Painting Day, 8x11 watercolor on board

Painting Day, 8×11 watercolor on board