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The Feisty Blue

Mary Liz Ingram —  July 30, 2014 — Leave a comment

Blue Jay, pastel on handmade paper

Blue Jay, pastel on handmade paper

A mass of blue jays scatter the trees

Hopping mad they scream out angry calls

From the branch to the roof to the bush to the sky

A flurry of feisty blue

They eye the ground intensely

Switching positions without pause

I stop and stare at the feathered spectacle

Counting the moving birds in vain

Five no six, they hop and caw and screech

Wary of their sharp eyes and open beaks

I creep forward and spot a foe

A white cat perches nimbly among the azalea

With a shake of the bush, the cat escapes

The jays begin a cautious lessening

Still emitting a jumbled unity of warning

Such fierce attention and determined vehemence

Encased in those feathers of blue