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Chalk on a blackboard. What images pop into your mind? Math class, handwriting lessons, doodling in the corner when the teacher wasn’t looking….

Well allow me to introduce a new image: creating a pastel painting on a black board. If you know me at all, or follow my blog, you will know I love, love, love a good black base for my pastels. Up until today, this only meant that I start with black pastel.

But today, (drum roll please…) I created my own black pastel board!

Let me walk you through the process, and show you my results: Continue Reading…

I’m teaching a class to a group of beginning pastelists: Some students have read up on pastel techniques, others may have had a few classes. My first instruction always throws them for a loop: “Begin with lots of black!”

As I’ve said before, I’m a self-taught artist…When it comes to pastels, I fiddled with them alone at my art desk until I discovered results I liked. And it all started with black.

Below you will find a quick tutorial using my own technique to create vibrant, textured pastel paintings. Continue Reading…