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It was quite a busy day.

Work, carpool, dropping off two kids, toting the baby & art to one store, then more art to Irondale. It was hot outside, so a pony tail was in order. Sweating like only a busy mom can sweat, I circle the block a few times to find my location. Siri was not helpful.

At last! Andrea Lucas Studios, here we are! I step out of the car and begin to unbuckle baby Nora. To her great delight, a train whistle blew and a big train moved right next to the parking lot. I took a grateful pause and let her enjoy this moment, her chubby hand waving away at the moving machine. Choo choo!

With a bag of art on my shoulder, we entered the studio to see that kind lady and fabulous stained glass artist Andrea Lucas. She snapped a few quick photos that I just discovered on Facebook today:

Here are the new pieces for sale at Andrea Lucas Studios! I have to say, Old Muddy Pig is my favorite. He deserves a good home!

You give life to something new. They grow up, and move away before you know it.

In this case, my barnyard buddies were born on paper from pastel-covered fingers. They grew into their frames and were whisked away into another life before I knew it.


Time goes by so fast. It’s time to look back and ask the age old question,

“Where are they now?”


But seriously…A bunch of our new friends have found good homes in the past few days!

I’m happy to announce that my work is now included at Andrea Lucas Studios in Birmingham, Alabama. Here are the fab 5 now for sale (next to the famous Irondale Cafe, for you locals!):

Andrea Lucas Studios

Our other three farmyard pals have been relocated to walls nearby, and as far away as Texas:

Relocated, 3 in 1 And finally, these two buddies found a new home! I am very proud of them as they grow up and move on, but I won’t stay an empty-nester for long. More barnyard friends to come…

Pair of pigs, pastels on card




The night has come, the kids are (hopefully) tucked quietly in bed…time to plop on my corner of the comfy couch, prop my feet up and relax. The lights are dim, dessert in hand, I look up towards the TV, grateful for a moment’s peace. My eyes drift left.

To the left of our wall-hung TV, is the open doorway to the art room, my art desk and wall of materials directly in view. The walls are a sage-y green, dirtied over the years, and there is a lot of stuff in there…I mean a lot. I try to organize, simplify, de-clutter…but where, oh where, am I to put all my art supplies, framed paintings, good frames and boards just waiting to be used? Not to mention the (albeit cute) Pottery Barn alphabet cards the previous owners GLUED to the wall (hear my displeasure due to scraping off glue atop a ladder) as a high wall border. This everyday sight got under my New Year’s skin.

Art room before the big painting party

Art room before the big painting party

As the year ended and 2013 approached, with my normally busy schedule on the back burner, I took the opportunity to update my art room. My 7-year-old and I trucked off to Lowe’s with a couple of oyster shells to choose just the right shade of light gray. As my mother will tell you, I’m not one for testing paint colors first, or for bringing home options. Nope…just give me the gallon and I’ll jump right in. Luckily my decision worked out. The walls are now clean, fresh and bright.

Art room reborn!

Art room reborn!

With an 8-month-old playing freely in the den, Continue Reading…


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As I’ve said before, there are five of us, plus two cats, living in a small house. When we were house hunting, we wanted something small but with the requirement of one extra space for my art room. The “one extra room” we found is a long skinny room with lots of light, and as an artist, I have a lot of stuff to cram in there: acrylic paint, oil paint, watercolors, soft pastels, oil pastels, graphite sticks, brushes, papers, boards, easels, frames…you get the idea. The tricky part is storing it all in the small space in a way that keeps kids out of it, and making it clear enough to actually enjoy being in there! To make this space livable, there is a constant cycle of cluttering and cleaning. I purge the room (and the house!) fairly often, but this time, more was needed. My art room needed a renewal, just as my art and my outlook has been renewed. I took out curtains, junk, and reorganized to make it brighter, fresher and CLEANER. The good news for those interested in exploring pastels and fearful of what I half-jokingly call “pastel lung,” is that there was remarkably little pastel dust after 5 years of not wiping my window sills and top molding (gross, I know…sorry!). So, ta-da! I’m ready to work, the room as cleared out as its going to get.

I even cleaned off the kids’ art area. My trusty sidekicks got right to work messing it up, as expected. But what else is an art room for, if not to get messy?!