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Mary Liz Ingram —  January 26, 2016 — 1 Comment
Tree full, ink doodle

Tree full, ink doodle

I cracked the window an inch,

letting in an icy draft

filled with the chattering of birds,

dotting the yards,

punctuating the trees.

The smallest movement sends them

flying in a blur.

Red-wing blackbirds, waxwings, grackles

cowbirds and red-breasted robins,

a congregation of busy, nervous feathers.

Cat comes running up the sidewalk,

her body alive with eagerness for a feast

if she can catch one.

No luck yet.

“I meant to do my work today but a brown bird sang in the apple tree…” -Richard Le Gallienne

On a beautiful Spring Saturday, I woke up to birds chirping before the sunrise. Dragging myself out of bed, I dressed and tried to shake off the sleep. It was time to load up, head out and set up for another art show.

My Dad!

My Dad

While putting the last few pieces in my little car, my sweet Daddy pulls into the driveway in his work truck, helping me load up the big stuff: tent, panels, tables & weights. With kids at home and my husband out of town, my mom has to get up early and pitch in with childcare. So much work just for me! I have great parents. (Thanks Mom and Dad!)

Art festivals are a lot of work. You create, you plan, you prepare, you pack it all up carefully. You price, you tag, you sort, you display. You raise your tent, you place your chair, you hang your art. You smile, chat, sell, share, and meet all sorts of new people. It’s a lot of work, but it’s a lot of fun.

For this particular festival with the Mountain Brook Art Association, I had the great treat of being next to one of my friends and a fabulous artist Robin Miller. This was her first show, and I’d already claimed one of her paintings for myself, before the other buyers snitched it: a beautiful persimmon. Our kids were there, romping and playing together in the green field behind our tents.

It was a beautiful, sunny, perfect day. Then it got even better.

We were selling our art to all sorts of wonderful people. And then came some blue ribbons! We were winners!!!!

Like giddy school girls we jumped up and down and laughed and got our pictures taken. I won Best of Show for the Professional Artist Category, and Robin won Best of Show for the Emerging Artist Category. It was a fabulous surprise and great honor!

Thanks to everyone who came out to support local art and congratulations to my sweet friend Robin! She has a bright future in the art world!

My booth

My booth