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Ready to goWhen you constantly create art, you eventually run out of room.

Time for a Summer Art Sale!

The pieces below are marked down for the next 2 weeks only, July 31-August 14.

Pastels, ink doodles, framed, unframed…there are lots of options. Some of them are my favorites, and they would love to find a home on a wall near you!

Contact me today to purchase your favorite! 

Art is available for immediate pick up or shipping (shipping costs apply). Cash, check and credit card accepted.

Click on the image to see the full view


You give life to something new. They grow up, and move away before you know it.

In this case, my barnyard buddies were born on paper from pastel-covered fingers. They grew into their frames and were whisked away into another life before I knew it.


Time goes by so fast. It’s time to look back and ask the age old question,

“Where are they now?”


But seriously…A bunch of our new friends have found good homes in the past few days!

I’m happy to announce that my work is now included at Andrea Lucas Studios in Birmingham, Alabama. Here are the fab 5 now for sale (next to the famous Irondale Cafe, for you locals!):

Andrea Lucas Studios

Our other three farmyard pals have been relocated to walls nearby, and as far away as Texas:

Relocated, 3 in 1 And finally, these two buddies found a new home! I am very proud of them as they grow up and move on, but I won’t stay an empty-nester for long. More barnyard friends to come…

Pair of pigs, pastels on card




Flying Pastels

Mary Liz Ingram —  July 28, 2013 — Leave a comment

So while my blog posts have been lagging, my pastels have been flying.

This week I completed 9 pastels in anticipation of upcoming opportunities. I worked hard every afternoon after work, usually while the baby snoozed.

They range in price from $55 for the 4×4, $135 for 8x8s, and $175 for 8x10s.

Let me introduce you to our new barnyard friends:

Hee Haw

Mary Liz Ingram —  April 25, 2013 — Leave a comment

So I drew a donkey. He is up close and personal. He is stately and thoughtful. He is probably stubborn and temperamental. And he really needed a name. 

"Donkey Hotey," 11x14 soft pastel on card

For this important task, I turned to my friends on Twitter and Facebook. I got tons of great feedback from peeps all around the world:

Blue, Don Burro the 3rd, Ned, Sir Yeknod, Trevor, Hector, BrayPitt, Platero, Daniel, Donk, Charles, Rabbit, Darcy, Murray, Homer, and I have to admit my favorite:

@sbarrphoto: “Hotey, that way he is Donkey Hotey, to dream the impossible dream.”

You dream that impossible dream, Hotey. Dream big.