I’ve found my own way in the art world over the past 10 years… discovering my own techniques, making connections with great local artists, trying just about every show and trick I could think of to get my name out there. One very important piece I’ve learned on my journey thus far is that you need an advocate: someone to shed a little light in the right direction. Because I am grateful for those who have shown me effective steps to take, and for the hard lessons I’ve learned on my own, I want to provide some tips and resources for other artists that may be treading the same path.

This resource page will grow with time. I would love to hear from you, and include your tips (and name and info of course!) Contact me to share your thoughts…

Here are some helpful ideas for artists out there, trying to find their way:

  • Join area art associations: this will help you build connections and find out about upcoming shows and events
  • Donate art to good causes, and include your contact information! This will get your name out there to the public
  • Be confident and jump in with both feet! Apply for shows…juried shows and small venues/shows with low entry fees are a good place to start.
  • Provide really great literature: business cards, artist bio/statement, brochures
  • Build a website! it doesn’t have to be fancy! people want to find you and your art
  • Have a social media presence: Facebook and Twitter are my focus at this point
  • A great book to help you get started in the business-side of art: Platform by Michael Hyatt
  • Join with other artists you meet to build community and pool resources: Cue “The Eclectic Art Social Club”!


The Eclectic Art Social Club

A few years ago, my friend Erin Hardin and I decided to try forming an “art group.” Our goal was to create community as we tried to make a place for ourselves in the Birmingham art scene. We invited some friends, and they invited some friends, and the “Eclectic Art Social Club” was born! Let me pause and give you a little insight/explanation into our name…we are a group of 7 “young women,” shall we say, who are serious about art, but we don’t take ourselves to seriously.

We originally began meeting to help each other in our art careers, but mostly ended up brunching, drinking coffee and having a good time together at each other’s homes (hence “social club). We all have very different styles, from thoughtful and careful collage, to intricate and meaningful acrylic “drawings,” to abstract acrylics, realistic and reflective oils, jewelry, pastels…you get the idea. We dubbed our interesting mix “eclectic.”

Our group is now a safe place of encouragement and well of creativity; they are my great friends and I am so thankful to have them join me on this journey! We put on our own successful shows and events, and I look forward to our future!

Active Members: Cecily Hill Lowe, Erin Hardin, Dariana Dervis, Chi Roach, Mary Liz Ingram


I am where I am today thanks to the support of my family, the beginning lessons I learned as a child from my grandmother, the first “real” art supplies bought for my 12 year old birthday by my grandfather, for my parents, husband and kids sitting for hours at art shows, my great friend and framer Carl, the wise words and encouragement of Kevin Webster, my friends in the Birmingham Art Association, the Forstall’s of Forstall Art Center, the special people I’ve met along the way through shows and art classes, and my fabulous friends of the “Eclectic Art Social Club.” Thanks to all of you for making it possible for me do what I love!

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