All Hung Up

Mary Liz Ingram —  October 18, 2013 — 1 Comment
Me: I just read on Uber Facts that 1 American consumes as much as 32 Kenyans! Look at me! I use as much stuff as THIRTY-TWO Kenyans!? (holding out my arms to draw attention to my wee self)
Stephen: Well, that’s probably an average American. You only consume as much as 22 Kenyans.
Me: (pouty look for him making fun of my shrimpiness)

But seriously. On my quest for less (stress, stuff, waste, and let’s face it, laundry), I feel a bit overwhelmed. But I decided to just start somewhere.

With a mountain of unfolded laundry staring at me, I started in my closet.

Easy enough, I thought. Less stuff should mean less to clean, right?

So I picked out the stuff I don’t wear often. Feeling proud, I decided to have another go. So I pulled out some more. Repeated process two more times. Threw in the towel.

Next day, I felt the need to purge the hangers again. Found a few more.

Third day since my decision to take this journey to who-knows-where to end up at some fuzzy better place, I poked my head in the crowded closet and dug out some more things to give away.

So let’s add that up: 4 purges the 1st day, then 2 more times. And I still have tons of clothes.

Interestingly enough, I find myself obsessing over my wardrobe the past two mornings more than usual. I probably asked Stephen 10 times if I looked ok. I mean, really…it’s the silliest. It’s like I’m having clothes withdrawals or something.

I’m not completely clear on what’s going on here at the Ingram household. But I’m not worrying too much about clarity at this point. I’m just going with it. I feel the urge to be a more responsible human. I chose a place to start: living with less…first choice, clothes. Should be easy peasy…I mean lots of people have no food, for pete’s sake. But good grief, what a silly problem! We spend a lot of time choosing our outfits. We think that our clothes define us. Now, I’m not showing up to work in a grubby old t-shirt, but I also don’t need a closet packed with choices. This initial purge is intended as a starting place, not just to make room for new clothes (the usual impetus).

That’s where I am right now. So we’ll see.

We are literally hung up on crap. It snags us and holds us back from things that are important; it distracts us from doing greater good in the world. It hangs us close to selfishness and keeps our eyes on what we want, what we think we must have.

So I’m giving away lots of clothes and, when I’ve finished, I’ll take another step and see what happens…

Blue Dress, pastel on card

Blue Dress, pastel on card


Mary Liz Ingram


One response to All Hung Up

  1. I love this! I purge every time something new comes in. I giveaway several times a year.
    I love the painting by the way!

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