An Artist’s Perks

Mary Liz Ingram —  May 14, 2013 — Leave a comment

There are many of benefits to being an artist:

*Free, yet thoughtful, Christmas presents (as well as wedding, birthday, baby, anniversary, and, ahem, any presents…)

*An excuse for any quirks or eccentricities, aka being weird

*A ready excuse for wearing odd or mismatched clothes, or for having embarrassingly shabby fingernails

*Having a creative storehouse at your (dirty) fingertips

Another fabulous perk to being an artist is that if you are at your daughter’s ballet recital, and your phone (yes, I didn’t bring a camera) is unable to take photos due to the lighting, you can doodle your way to preserving memories.

I sat down at my kitchen table the Sunday evening after her glorious “Under the Sea” ballet performance and doodled a few of my favorite ballet moments:

The little 3-year-old “beach-goer” who frolicked around the stage, refusing to follow the plan:

Scamper, Ink Doodle

Scamper, Ink Doodle

The sweet little ballerinas dressed and accessorized to be “jellyfish,” with tentacled umbrellas:

Jellyfish, Ink Doodle

Jellyfish, Ink Doodle

The little line of bewildered tiny “sunbeams” following their teacher:


And finally my little “dolphin” striking her ending pose, who looked so graceful and grown up:

Ballet Pose, Ink Doodle

Ballet Pose, Ink Doodle

 Pictures must not be too picturesque.  ~Ralph Waldo Emerson


For photos of the Alabama Theatre from the recital, view my earlier post: Time Goes By

Mary Liz Ingram


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