Ode to Coffee

Mary Liz Ingram —  March 14, 2013 — 2 Comments

When my alarm gently wakes me, the soft murmur of the sound machine and the endless comfort of my heavily pillowed bed drift before my senses much like a swift smack to the face. Daylight savings time has come to stay. The morning is dark, and I am almost inhuman as I hobble into the kitchen seeking the road back to life. As a tribute to that one cup brings me to life each morning, I hope you enjoy my “Ode to Coffee.”

Ode to Coffee, the elixir of life

O coffee, fresh coffee,
you restore my morning soul.
You give sight to my eyes,
purpose to my motion.
You awaken my mind.

With your cream and sugar
you balance my thoughts.
Your flavor and scent
give life to my days.
Your warmth restores.

Like the rising sun,
you raise the curtain
of my consciousness.
You lift my heavy brow;
humanity is renewed.


Morning Coffee, quick charcoal sketch

Morning Coffee, quick charcoal sketch

A few spot-on quotes from the “Honest Toddler” on Twitter:

“Watching adults try to get up in the morning is like seeing a baby elephant take its first steps. Incredibly sad but also funny.”

“Toddlers know when parents haven’t had coffee yet. Say ‘good morning’ and they just stare for 10 seconds trying to place you.”

“‘I need coffee.’ No, what you need is zeal for life not a drink that smells like a forest fire.”

Mary Liz Ingram


2 responses to Ode to Coffee

  1. I love this ML! I have a love-hate relationship with coffee. I love it because it gives me a boost, plus it tastes so good. I hate it because sometimes I get heartburn from it! Anyway, I won’t be giving it up as long as there are tums around. Lol. And btw…I too “hobble” out of bed every morning! I kind of look like Quasimodo in the bell tower! Lol. Thank goodness for that awakening elixir!

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