Love at First Sight…

Mary Liz Ingram —  December 3, 2012 — 2 Comments

Everyone remembers the day when you first met your true love. Oh, the euphoria of that first glimpse, the excitement of realizing what has been revealed before your eyes.

About 7 years ago, I was walking across a beautiful bridge in Paris, on my way to visit Notre Dame. It was a beautiful, romantic afternoon in an amazingly romantic city. The clouds were soft, the water languid…I was strolling along, making my way unexpectedly through the city, when I looked up. Right in front of me was the storefront of Sennelier. It was love at first sight.

photo 2Earlier in the year, I heard about this long-famous art supplier during an NPR story while driving; how back in the day they invented their creamy oil pastels, one of the 1st serious oil pastel products, with the help of Picasso. I had filed the information away in my mind, and it all came rushing back as I found myself in front of its small green facade. I was so excited, I had my husband (my real true love!) take my picture, which hangs in prominence in my hallway at home.

I warily, but determinedly, entered the store, recognizing that I knew no French past “bonjour,” “oui,” and “merci.” With the help of a slightly amused clerk, I purchased my first Sennelier pastels. Just a small box…carefully chosen.

Seven years later, my Sennelier pastels and I have a strong and enduring relationship. We never argue and they always make me happy, especially when paired with my Sennelier La Carte pastel papers.

As an artist and mother all the way over in Birmingham, Alabama, I was honored and excited to have my earlier post about the glory of Sennelier pastels shared via Twitter and Facebook by Sennelier. Check it out!

Je suis dans l’amour!

photo 2

Mary Liz Ingram


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